History of Jonesboro Montessori

The Montessori School of Jonesboro has been in the Jonesboro community since the fall of 1978.  The owners of the school, Rosalee and Michie Barber, purchased the property at 300 East Nettleton from Dr. and Mrs. H.H. McAdams.  Dr. McAdams was a practicing physician in Craighead County since 1904 until his retirement in 1945.  According to the Jonesboro Weekly Sun, the McAdams family purchased the 300 East Nettleton residence sometime in the fall of 1917.  A real estate ad that appeared in the paper advertised the property as a "4 year old concrete building, finished and equipped with all modern improvements."  The property was described as being on the south side of the new High School building with every convenience - orchard, vineyard, hot house, garage, stable, shed and corn crib.  As the ad read, "it is situated in town where you can have all the comforts and conveniences  and yet enjoy farm life surroundings."  

The McAdams family owned the home for approximately 60 years.  During their ownership the house was bricked and additional changes were made for the accommodation of their 3 sons, Patrick, Herbert, and John.  Dr. McAdams died shortly after his retirement from the medical field in July 1947.  Mrs. McAdams remained in the home for many years and entertained friends and family.  There have been several articles about the McAdams family in the Craighead County Historical Quarterly as well as pictures of the property through out the years.  Mrs. McAdams died in March 1977 and the home was purchased by Rosalee and Michie Barber.  Minor renovations were made to the caretakers house as well as the large home on the property to allow the residence to be used for early childhood education.  The property was maintained so that the historical value of the residence could be appreciated while a unique learning experience was being offered to children of Jonesboro.  The Children's House Montessori School was owned and operated by the Barbers for 18 years.

The summer of 1996 Dianna and Ed Way purchased the property and school.  The property was enhanced with additional space for children in the caretakers residence or what is now the White House program.  Minor renovations were made to it to accommodate the numbers of children who were enrolled in the programs.
The Ways purchased the residence of Mr. and Mrs. William Byrd located next door at 212 East Nettleton in October of 2006.  The house was originally built by Dr. and Mrs. Cohen in 1932 and later sold to the Byrd family.  The property was renovated inside and out to serve children as young as 22 months in a Montessori environment.  The Byrd House opened January of 2007 with 18 children enrolled and a staff of 3 teachers.  All programs are licensed by the Department of Human Services, Child Care Licensure and Department of Health.

The Montessori School of Jonesboro

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